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Renewal date
Selling price
EUR 75.000,00
Classes (1)
Precious metals and their alloys; Jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones; Horological and chronometric instruments
Registered as international
European Union
Germany  Austria  Belgium  Spain  Finland  France  Greece  Italy  Luxembourg  Netherlands  Poland  Portugal  Czech Republic  United Kingdom  Sweden  Denmark  Ireland  Romania  Slovakia  Croatia  Cyprus  Estonia  Latvia  Lithuania  Malta  Hungary  Slovenia  Bulgaria 
Countries (37)
AT | Austria
BE | Belgium
BG | Bulgaria
CA | Canada
CN | China
HR | Croatia
CY | Cyprus
CZ | Czech Republic
DK | Denmark
EE | Estonia
FI | Finland
FR | France
DE | Germany
GR | Greece
HK | HongKong
HU | Hungary
IE | Ireland
IT | Italy
JP | Japan
LV | Latvia
LT | Lithuania
LU | Luxembourg
MT | Malta
NL | Netherlands
PL | Poland
PT | Portugal
RO | Romania
SG | Singapore
SK | Slovakia
SI | Slovenia
KR | South Korea
ES | Spain
SE | Sweden
CH | Switzerland
TW | Taiwan
GB | United Kingdom
US | United States

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