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Sell your Trademark!

Your old, non-used trademark has still value! You can sell it, or license it, and obtain a financial counterpart. TradeMarkMarketPlace helps you to monetize your trademark rights. Including your trademark is free of charges, and you can withdraw your trademark at any time.

Your trademark is an intangible assets and is protected against theft or unauthorized use. Because your trademark is an asset, you can sell or transfer it to another party just as you would sell any other physical property. Because transferring a trademark involves a safe and legal proof contract, as well as modifying its registration with the various Trademarks Offices, you’ll need to ensure you meet all regulations in order to transfer it correctly. That’s where TradeMarkMarketPlace (TMMP) will help you, by accompanying you during the whole process. You can also easily upload a complete list of trademark rights, by using the mass import tool integrated within TMMP, at no costs.

Selling trademarks made easy ... and secure!

And it’s why we offer the Money Back Guarantee: we guarantee you will be paid for the trademark you are selling. We also offer trademark valuation services. If you wish to sell a trademark, determining a trademark’s value isn’t so straightforward, and settling on a fair price can be difficult.

A trademark’s value depends upon its prior use, its market share, its earning capacity, its historical growth and its recognition among consumers, among other factors. You may then need expert valuation to determine a fair price for your brand. We can help you in determining a price range being acceptable according to the internationally accepted criteria.