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Buy a Trademark

Creating a brand new trademark is complicated, whereas you can buy an existing right or brand. This will avoid you risks linked to earlier rights, and make the process quicker and more efficient.

Trademark registration requires patience because it cannot be completed within a short time. And trademark registration is associated with opposition risks, conflicts, etc. Of course, no one likes to wait for a long time or to invest money in conflicts and lawyers to get a trademark registered. Since the process is a long one, you may be interested in purchasing someone else’s already registered trademark. TradeMarkMarketPlace (TMMP) is the solution to easily and quickly purchase trademark rights. Select the activities you are interested in, the country, and chose your name ... TMMP will handle the whole process on your behalf, up to the registration of the trademark in your name!

Buying trademarks made easy ... and secure!

And it’s why we offer the Money Back Guarantee: if you do not obtain the trademark registered in your name, we will reimburse the price you paid for the trademark. We also offer trademark valuation services. If you wish to purchase a trademark, determining a trademark’s value isn’t so straightforward, and settling on a fair price can be difficult. A trademark’s value depends upon its prior use, its market share, its earning capacity, its historical growth and its recognition among consumers, among other factors. You may then need expert valuation to determine a fair price. We can help you in determining a price range being acceptable according to the internationally accepted criteria. And if you don’t find the trademark of your dreams or of your needs, we can launch a search to find trademarks to acquire.